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At Ethan Outdoor Furniture, we pride ourselves on unmatched craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and a commitment to lasting quality. 

A Legacy of New Zealand Craftsmanship and Connection

About Ethan

Our Essence

Established in 1981, our journey is rooted in a passion for creating outdoor furniture that invites connections, embodies strength, and endures through generations.

Pictured, founder Jon Parson with an original Parson James High Back chair.

Ethan enjoys working directly with you, turning each interaction into a step towards realising unique outdoor dreams. We go beyond just selling furniture - we're committed to crafting bespoke pieces that align perfectly with our customer's vision. 

From initial consultation to the final placement in your home, our customer journey is deeply personalised, ensuring your outdoor space becomes a true reflection of your lifestyle.

Personalised Client Experience

Client Journey

Lasting Connections

For us, it’s about much more than transactions; it's about building lasting connections. 

We cherish our designs becoming a part of your family traditions. We aim to exceed expectations, transforming each purchase into an opportunity for lasting friendship and trust.

Timeless Design Aesthetic

At Ethan, we aspire to create furniture that transcends time, brings people together, inspired by nature’s effortless beauty.  Our pieces are designed to be distinct from the ordinary, to seamlessly integrate clean natural curves, and bring people together.

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