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The iconic Ethan Setting is our signature piece and embodies a unique and timeless design. The distinctive five curved benches embrace the round table with flowing lines and a timeless style. They are inviting, social and enable you to come and go from the setting seamlessly.

The Setting provides an exceptionally special gathering point for all to naturally gravitate to and enjoy outdoor living. Spend time relaxing in this welcoming and social space for an unmatchable experience. It is the perfect way to connect with family & friends, sharing quality food, drink and stories!

You will discover the Ethan Setting is more than just outdoor furniture. It is designed to be an outdoor room that blends the boundaries between our interior and exterior spaces, and is a natural extension of your home. You will be amazed at how much time is spent at your Ethan Setting and particularly during the summer months where it soon becomes the favourite place for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

By sitting around a Round table, everyone is included in the conversation and no one misses out on the action! Both children and adults can all be together which makes for a special connection for family and friends.

Features and Benefits

Ethan Settings


Ethan's table seamlessly blends sophistication with durability. The extra wide table top boards are a special feature and provide a grand style. Refined refectory legs, accentuated by a distinctive locking wedge, ensure unparalleled stability and elegance. 

Crafted for convenience, free of bulky corner legs, and supported by sturdy wide feet for reliability in all conditions, this table ensures effortless access. It is a true testament to both function and form.


Crafted to complement the Ethan table, our benches feature elegantly curved lines, fostering a warm, inclusive atmosphere. Designed for ease and comfort, their shaped ends and supportive backs make joining and leaving the circle effortless, even for the little ones. 

These benches are both stable and versatile, seating up to four. Topped with luxurious Sunbrella cushions, these benches effortlessly elevate the entire outdoor experience.


The Ethan Umbrella stands as a testament to fine craftsmanship with its hardwood frame and marine-grade hardware clothed in premium Sunbrella fabric. Designed to offer expansive coverage, it shields the entire gathering from sun, rain, and dew. 

Details like leather-reinforced corners, rope edging, and brass-tipped spars speak to its durability, while wood turned bosses with stainless finishes add sophistication.

Internal Pulley

The Ethan Umbrella's internal pulley system, featuring an integrated winch, offers effortless adjustment from the comfort of your seat. Its winch crank handle, a blend of turned hardwood and stainless steel, ensures smooth operation. 

Designed for convenience, this system can be securely locked with a brass pin, merging functionality with elegant craftsmanship.

Led Lights

Ethan's Umbrella is enhanced with LED Light Ribs, casting a warm, even light that transforms evenings outdoors. Easily controlled by a smart switch under the table, these waterproof and energy-efficient LEDs are designed for longevity. 

Integrated seamlessly into the umbrella's structure, the lights and their wiring are ingeniously concealed, maintaining the umbrella's sleek profile.

Umbrella Stand

The Ethan Umbrella Stand, marrying function with style, securely anchors your umbrella. Its design complements the Ethan range, featuring premium timber and marine grade nylon rope handles. 

Angled sides ensure leg comfort, while a stainless latch prevents wind disruption. A brass top plate and nylon washer ensure a precise fit, blending seamlessly into your outdoor setting.

Lazy Susan

The exceptional Ethan Lazy Susan, central to the Ethan Setting, makes sharing meals effortless, allowing food and drinks to circulate smoothly without interruption. 

Crafted from marine-grade 316 stainless steel with a precision-engineered centre bearing and outrigger wheels, it offers stability and seamless movement, even under heavy loads.

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