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Iroko is the premium hardwood we have chosen for the Ethan Outdoor Furniture range, and have been using for over 35 years. Our furniture ends up in some of the most extreme outdoor environments, both here in New Zealand and around the world. This hard wearing, solid and stable hardwood is highly proven and has stood the test of time. It has been used for years internationally in a wide range of industries such as boat building and exterior construction.

The Heritage of Iroko Timber

Ethan Timber

Durability Meets Elegance

Timber, unlike other alternative man-made materials, is a beautiful natural material, providing great warmth and feel, making it perfect for Ethan Outdoor Furniture. 

Iroko's appeal lies not just in its resilience but in its natural elegance. With a stunning timber grain and a spectrum of tones, it can naturally weather to a beautiful silver-grey patina or showcased with our premium Woodstain options.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the careful selection of Ethan timber finishes, prioritising both aesthetics and functional longevity. Whether you prefer to maintain the wood's original lustre or let it naturally age to a distinguished silver-grey, our finishes ensure your furniture remains a testament to enduring quality and care.

Ethan Outdoor Furniture offers a choice between two premium products for your furniture timber finish. You have the opportunity to customize your furniture, ensuring it harmonizes seamlessly with your outdoor space.

A Commitment to Excellence

Timber Finishes

Dryden Wood Oil

Chosen for its natural, matte finish, Dryden Wood Oil enhances the timber colour of your new furniture. Then allowing it to quickly and evenly weather into a beautiful silver-grey, reflecting the wood's natural evolution over time.

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